CPython community

See also Brainstorm: CPython tutorial.

Communication channels

  • python-ideas mailing list
  • python-dev mailing list
  • python-committers mailing list
  • #python-dev IRC channel on Freenode


  • Organize mentoring? Make it public? List documentations for mentors?
  • Django CoC: procedure to report abuse
  • Thanks.Python.org - clone of https://thanks.rust-lang.org/ but with snakes 🐍 and even cuter emojis!
  • Tooling to detect active contributors: number of commits, emails, reviews, etc. Is it doable?
  • Statistics on GitHub reviews:
  • gamification: public top 5?
    • The idea is to motivate the contributors: one way is “self-motivation” (i.e. streak counter, daily/weekly/monthly goals, etc). Another is “multiplayer” (e.g. leaderboards and other “competitive” aspects).
    • Give badges depending on the number of posted bugs, PR, emails, etc.?
    • https://twistedmatrix.com/highscores/
  • Bot to thanks automatically new contributors with cute emojis? “Congrats 🙌 for your first PR merged into CPython 🐍!” (do email notifications like emojis?)
  • Create subteams:
    • IDLE
    • asyncio
    • Documentation
    • Windows
    • Workgroup Community // core-workflow
    • XXX: need a bot on GitHub to restrict permissions to files/directories?
  • Missing in action: drop core dev for inactive developers?