My Contributions to Free Softwares

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Contributions in 2016

Contributions in 2015

Contributions in 2014

Old Work (2004-2008)

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Accepted patches in other projects

Pending patches


During my work at INL/EdenWall, I contributed to many open source softwares:

Security vulnerabilities:

  • 2007-05-22: CVE-2007-2754: FreeType Integer Overflow in TT_Load_Simple_Glyph()

  • 2007-05-11: CVE-2007-2650: ClamAV OLE2 Parser Denial of Service

  • 2007-05-10: CVE-2007-2645: Libexif Integer Overflow Vulnerability in exif_data_load_data_entry()


Thanks to my project Fusil, I found and sometimes fixed many bugs in various softwares. See the list of crashes found by Fusil.

Bug reports




  • I contributed to some articles on the french Wikipedia, like: Sténographie.