My Projects

Projects of Victor Stinner.


Rusty water lock, Camargue (France)

Python Projects

  • fatoptimizer: static optimizer for Python 3.6 using function specialization with guards. It is implemented as an AST optimizer. It is part of the FAT Python project.
  • bytecode: API to modify Python bytecode, and a peephole optimizer.
  • faulthandler: Dump Python tracebacks explicitly, on a fault, after a timeout, or on a user signal. The module is part of Python 3.3 and newer.
  • pytracemalloc: debug tool to trace memory blocks allocated by Python. The module is part of Python standard library since Python 3.4, I maintain a backport for Python 2.7 and 3.3 (it should work on Python 2.6-3.3).
  • pyfailmalloc: Debug tool for Python injecting memory allocation faults to simulate a low memory system to test how your application handles MemoryError exceptions.
  • sixer: add Python 3 support to Python 2 applications using the six module.

Other Projects

  • “misc” repository:
    • my “dot” files, configuration files: bashrc, hgrc, gitconfig, etc.
    • some command line program:,
    • some Python scripts
    • some shell scripts:,